Hypnosis for Public Speaking Fears and Stage Fright

By Hypnotherapist Bill Engle, winner of the National Collegiate Public Speaking Championships

Jerry Seinfeld said, “According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two. Does that sound right? This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.”

Mark Twain, “There are two types of speakers: Those who get nervous and those who are liars.”

So, to begin with understand You are not alone in this quandary. Look around your world and count the number of confident public speakers and you’ll find you can do it on one hand. Many who are hesitant to contribute to group meetings until the 3rd time, or later, also suffer from social anxieties. Of course, those who include social anxieties in the mix have a difficult time inter-acting with even one new person. This can all be helped with hypnosis.

Where Do Public Speaking Fears Come From?

The root of your fears lies within your subconscious mind, which in turn controls about 88% to 90% of your total brain. You cannot reason with your subconscious to release those fears and this eventually gives way to a lack of self-confidence. You can attempt to reason and you will find that you are fighting that 88% with only 12% of your brain, your conscious mind. You will fail in this effort. Not to get too deep in the details, your subconscious mind is your best friend: It will always make you do what it thinks you want to do. It knows what you want to do based on what you have done.
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That’s where hypnosis/hypnotherapy help for public speaking comes to the rescue. Removing the anxieties and replacing them with an energized, but calm confidence. Giving you the pleasure of speaking in front of others, with one or a large group. Sharing information with self-confidence. All behaviors are learned behaviors and so is your fear. So, if you’ve had a previous bad experience when making a presentation, your subconscious mind will try to protect you from another bad experience. How does it accomplish this? Your anxieties increase, your palms begin sweating, you can feel your heart pounding, for some reason you forget what you had to say, and you just know before you say your first word you’re being judged by the audience of one or many. Your inner-voice urges you to run like hell. It needs to save you.

Mary Jo Eliminates Her Fear of Public Speaking

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How Edgar Got Rid of His Fear of Public Speaking

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Are Your Ready To Eliminate Your Fear of Public Speaking?

How You Can Receive Hypnotherapy

Looking over the shoulder of Bill Engle while he carries out a hypnotherapy session with a man who wants to stop smoking.

In-person Therapy

In-person sessions are held at my office in Post Falls, Idaho.
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Live Video Therapy

Hypnotherapy sessions in the comfort of your own home or office.
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Phone Therapy

Hypnotherapy for those on the go.

How Can Hypnosis Help Me With My Anxieties

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At Engle Hypnotherapy, I don’t do cookie-cutter. Each potential client is treated directly related to their issues. With that in mind, the general process for me to help you release this these fears would be:

  1. Using a modality called Energy Therapy, I would find and remove past negative memories related to public speaking. This process has been 100% successful in this and it is the quickest way possible to erase the negative imprints in your subconscious mind. This is done while you are completely awake.

  2. I teach my clients how to use this method if suddenly speaking at a new venue or if something is suddenly out of the ordinary, to maintain calm and focus.  It’s easy to learn, but profound in its effect.

  3. After that area is completed, I place the client in a light trance.  This is done either at my office or over Skype or other platforms. My success rates online duplicate my success rates in office.

  4. While in trance, the client is deeply relaxed and I bypass the critical area of the mind (that part that always says, “No you can’t”), and give suggestions directly into the subconscious mind.

  5. In this deep state of relaxation, you use your own inner-mind heal yourself, easily and effortlessly, while you relax.

  6. Most fear of public speaking issues take no more than two to three sessions.

  7. You will increase your value as a communicator, both professionally and personally.

Can I be Hypnotized To Overcome Speaking Fears?

First of all, we all go into hypnosis several times a day. Have you ever been driving on the freeway and suddenly you realized you’ve passed your off-ramp? You were on “auto-pilot” and your subconscious mind was doing the driving for you based on the training you have stored. Auto-pilot is hypnosis by definition. Anytime you leave the “in-time” state and go into another state, like daydreaming, or reading a great book, or watching a sports program… you are in hypnosis.



I’ve had people ask me, “Is it true that only weak-willed people are hypnotized?” No, actually the opposite is true. The stronger your will, the stronger your mind, the faster, the easier you go into hypnosis. If you have a good imagination, hypnosis is perfect for you. I will be there to guide you through the entire process. You will delight in releasing these burdens. Maybe the one fear that has held you back in business, or in personal life.


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call me at my office (208) 262-8128 or email me: bill@englehypnotherapy.com



No matter where you reside in the country, I can help you.

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