How to Resist Food Cravings With Energy Therapy

A Simple Technique You Can Use to Resist Food Temptations

Download the pdf for details about the tapping technique shown in the video.

To get the best results with eliminating your food cravings, mimic exactly what I do in terms of tapping. When tapping, as I refer to food, you say to yourself the food that you want to eliminate. Say it with some passion and concentration. Read the document before we begin. You’ll be able to use this tapping technique with benefits the rest of your life. It’s free and you can do it anywhere. Let’s do it! Let’s remove something of your choice.

Virtual Lap Band Hypnotherapy

Permanently lose the weight you want with the most successful non-surgical method of weight loss available.
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Cost Effective

The Virtual Lab Band is not only more effective than surgery, it’s much more affordable.
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No Surgery

80% of Gastric Band surgery suffer from medical complications. Don’t risk your life when you can accomplish better results safely and immediately.
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You’ll Feel Great

Surgery will leave you feeling beat up for weeks. The Virtual Lap Band leaves you feeling energized and excited about life.
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No Time Off Work

You can do your hypnotherapy sessions from the comfort of your own home. Each session is only an hour long so it’s easy to fit into your busy schedule.

How You Can Receive Hypnotherapy

Looking over the shoulder of Bill Engle while he carries out a hypnotherapy session with a man who wants to stop smoking.

In-person Therapy

In-person sessions are held at my office in Post Falls, Idaho.
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Live Video Therapy

Hypnotherapy sessions in the comfort of your own home or office.
A woman on the phone during a hypnosis therapy session.

Phone Therapy

Hypnotherapy for those on the go.

Where Can I Send Your PDF Guidebook?