Strategies to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Public Speaking Fears Gone Wild What may have started as a slight case of the “jitters” before making a public presentation, can quickly go from a 10 to a 100 in intensity rating.  And often times the poor person that has this fear doesn’t fully realize it until just before the speech.  Or, even worse, … Read more

Renaissance Man

La Habra resident’s love for performing constant throughout diverse life. By JAIMEE LYNN FLETCHER The Orange County Register Click Here to read the original article. LA HABRA – To say Bill Engle has lived an eclectic life would be an understatement. Getting his acting and writing career started at age 12, Engle ventured into the entertainment … Read more

Self-Hypnosis: Health Tools For Mind/Body Functioning

The Art of Self-Hypnosis: Health Tools For Optimum Mind/Body Functioning Until recently, hypnosis has been viewed as a mysterious technique, performed by people with strange skills and special powers. The truth of the matter is there is nothing mystical or magical about hypnosis. It is simply a state of concentration and focused attention.  Actually, it … Read more