Natalie Releases Over 120 lbs in Less Than 6 Months

Natalie is one of the 90% who succeeded with Virtual Lap Band Hypnotherapy

She has graciously agreed to tell her story so that hopefully others will benefit from her experience. Please take the time to watch this YouTube Video Testimonial of Natalie discussing the amazing results she has had as a result of Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy.
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If you are at all interested in learning about how Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy works, and how it achieves similar results to surgical methods like Bariatric surgery, but with less cost, and no risk of side effects from surgery, then you need to watch this video.
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Interviewer: Okay, well I am absolutely delighted this morning to be sitting here with Natalie, and Natalie has been with Virtual Gastric Band, and Natalie, you started this, uh when?

Natalie: I started this in October of 2011

Interviewer: So that was about 6 ½ months ago, and how much really, how much weight have you been able to release?

Natalie: I have actually released 120 pounds

Interviewer: That is absolutely wonderful, was it difficult for you?

Natalie: You know, what is amazing is that it was very very simple, yes you have to work, and you have to do your part, but I have gone through so many different weight loss programs, and lost and gained you know, my weight, probably 20 times over, and the one thing, as skeptical as I was about hypnosis that I found with this is that it really, it really was that weight released, you know, it’s almost like it melted off and I think people need to realize that part of this success of this program was not just the hypnosis, because you honestly offer so much more, and I said I wasn’t going to get emotional, but you offer so much more. I truly for the first time in my life felt like I have someone that was rooting for me, that believed in me, that made me feel worthy, and that’s what I deserved, let me feel like that’s what I deserve to have. You helped me deal with both emotional issues that I had, but part of it is when you’ve got someone believing in you, and helping you to find or feel yourself worth, it really has, because you have dealt with that emotional component, and that subconscious, it really has been easy. Before when I done the diet it was more about, if the first thing I said was diet, I would think about diet 24/7 and what am I gonna eat next and what if I lose control, and it was almost abusive to myself. Where you have really taught me to be loving and forgiving of myself, and so it has, it’s been actually very, very simple.

Interviewer: That’s wonderful, and so we were able to deal with emotional components that perhaps added to the weight gain in the first place.

Natalie: I definitely have always been an emotional ear. Because I could lose weight, but you know keeping it off and not doing it with, by trying crazy different whatever the fat diet was and you know I’ve always said to other people if you think of a word diet, you know the word “die” is in the middle of it, it’s not a good thing! You know, it sounds like sacrifice, and this was much more, just a natural, you know I am amazed by it myself because I was very much a sceptic, and I like to think that I am a strong woman, and that I should be able to do it myself, it’s not that I was lazy or I didn’t have self control, so again it was to stop saying  those things to myself, because if you feel like you are worthless, and you are out of control, you don’t feel like it’s worth putting that effort into losing weight, so thank goodness I found you, honestly.

Interviewer: Well good, I am glad we found each other. So have, did you try other, you mentioned other types of weight reduction programs, in fact you even considered the lap band surgery.

Natalie: I did, I’ve done Weight Watchers, I’ve had success with Weight Watchers, which I think you know in some regards it does teach you how to live your life and there was that component of having a support network which I think is really helpful, but I gained it back, because if we went through life stresses, that was my way to , you know, heal myself. To either hide my emotion or to nurture myself, it was you know, food was kind of my security blank. I considered and I actually had looked into doing a lap band and at the time I was pre-qualified but then when I went in, it was no, your insurance company for your employer doesn’t cover anything [of this matter], and considering I had so many health issues I was actually really really surprised and really disappointed, and when I came to see you, what’s funny is that I knew that lap band itself was cost prohibitive for me and I had lost my job, I lost my job, and that was the one thing I felt very very confident about, was my work ethic, and I was literally at the end of my rope. I had financial stresses. I was worried about losing my house, you know, everything was going wrong, I felt like a failure and I felt honestly like the world was better off without me and I happen to see your sign at the freeway, and it was like this is this last ditch effort, it’s the last thing, I didn’t at first think that I would even be able or maybe didn’t deserve to put that money into myself though it was far, far less than what lap band surgery is with absolutely no physical potential  concerns or you know it was just, I tried everything else, I’m gonna try this, I don’t care, I am going to find a way to do it, and I think what I mentioned to you is if you think of how you save money on medication prescriptions, fast food, all of those components, this really has paid for itself for me, I mean  it’s absolutely crazy, and it has done so much for me beyond just releasing the weigh.

Interviewer: That’s so great to hear. You did mention medications, were you able to reduce any of your medications.

Natalie: I actually need to go back to the doctor again. I was on, oh my goodness, eight or nine prescriptions. I was borderline diabetic, so that would have been next, I had really bad pain in joints and that, I had sleep apnea, I had the CPAP machine which I  no longer use CPAP machine and last that I went to the doctor was actually in the end of December and had physical  and I went down to three medications and my blood pressure when I tested it has been normal so there may be, I may be actually reducing that down.

Interviewer: Oh that’s wonderful. So, you also I believe had when you first came in you said you had an issue with insomnia?

Natalie: I, because of this distress, I had really, really bad insomnia, really bad for about six to eight weeks and it was to the point where I already worked kind of         multiple jobs and had been laid off and then I was literally staying up to six in the morning, seven in the morning to the point where I would finally fall asleep from exhaustion and I would miss interviews, I actually missed a couple of job interviews, because I literally had fallen asleep, and it’s one thing I liked about you is that you like you listen, and you care, and you tailored.. You didn’t have this cookie cutter this is what I’m going to do and this is what works for you, I really really authentically feel that you care, and you gave me ¸tapes, you gave me suggestions, you taught me energy therapy and I literally had tried Ambien, Xanax I’ve got through my doctor and it wasn’t doing anything, and literally within probably I’d say a week or week and a half of when I saw you and you sent me home on that tape I kind of wen back to normal and would have a nice full restful sleep.

Interviewer: Okay, that’s wonderful, and you were doing so well at releasing the weight by about the fifth session I kind of call that a gimmie session so I allow client if they are doing real well on releasing the weight to kind of a pick and choose anything they want me to do and you choose something.

Natalie: I certainly did. I got, I released one other of my bad habits because it was definitely to crutch to me, but um, I quit smoking with you, I had gotten to the point again probably from being emotional and stressed not having a job I literally honestly even though I am still unemployed, I literally was buying two cartons of cigarettes a week

Interviewer: Wow.

Natalie: And smoking pretty close to that..

Interviewer: And how many sessions did it take for you to quit with me?

Natalie: It just took one session.

Interviewer: One session.

Natalie: After I left I did not, I have not picked up a cigarette.

Interviewer: You are absolutely delightful, what an inspiration to others, I think that’s great. You mentioned that you had brought some of your earlier clothes with us..

Natalie: I did…

Interviewer: Can you show us, maybe I can back up (with camera)

Natalie: Well you know, I say and I you have told me don’t ever apologize that you have more to lose.

Interviewer: Right

Natalie: That I need to look at it as my accomplishment so far and this normally in the past, I would have been completely embarrassed and humiliated, but to show you this is to let you guys know you still see a girl who is curvy in front of you, that I did lose weight. But here is a pair of pants that I got from, this is from October, because I had to buy new clothes, that had kind of a stretch to them just to be able to go on a job.

Interviewer: Put it down, under your waist so that we can see. Wow, that’s amazing, congratulations, that’s so wonderful. Can you show us that other item that you brought?

Natalie: The other item was the shirt and when you are, you try to cover to look slimmer, but this is a shirt that I also wore in October, I think this was, my God, I think it was the 6x, it’s a 6x and again you know, stretchy material, you know… So it was kind of bought where there was room to grow, but I am sure it was probably fitting on me and I think right now, yeah I think it would probably be a dress on me.

Interviewer: Probably right now, you and two of your closest friends could fit in that.

Natalie: That’s right!

Interviewer: So that’s absolutely wonderful.

Natalie: Thank you.

Interviewer: You look great, it’s been such an honor to work with you and a pleasure, and you are a wonderful person. Did you have anything else that you might want to share that you might help someone else, that would be…

Natalie: I would, really if you have anything, if you feel skeptical at all, you owe it to yourself to try this. After I’ve told you that not only did you change my life Bill, you probably saved my life. I don’t think if I had taken this time to meet you and for you to show me what an amazing for me to even say this sounds so weird, what an amazing woman that I am, I don’t think I would be alive today, whether it would have been from health or I just told you that people who have  met me that beyond the weight loss is that I’m calmer, I am more relaxed, I am happier, and I felt that it’s crazy, I felt that the first day I came in here, I felt that the first day I left here, even If I didn’t know it was gonna work, when I drove home I like caught myself kind of humming and like what the hell is that, that’s not me.. I mean I literally couldn’t walk from my front door to my car without hurting so bad but somehow you made me emotionally or mentally feel lighter from the first time I met you, and I just think that you, my dear, are an extraordinary, extraordinary man, and I love you with all of my heart and I hope that someday I can show you how much I appreciate you.

Interviewer: Oh, well thank you very much, I love you too. I want to thank you so much for sharing this with everyone Natalie, you are an inspiration to everyone, you are a wonderful person and again thank you so much!

Natalie: You are so welcome, it was my pleasure.

A patient chart showing massive weight loss

Natalie Lost 120 pounds in six 1/2 months

Natalie has also allowed us to share a graphical representation of her successful weight loss, as further encouragement to others. You can see the dramatic weight loss she began to achieve even from the very start. This chart shows her weight loss after only 3 months. She is now down to 240 (from 360 lbs) after six 1/2 months, and still losing 5-6 pounds a week.

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