Success Stories With Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Two More Client’s Discuss Their Weight Loss Success

Jeff and Teri had tried a few other weight loss options: diets, etc. But were most impressed when they saw their friends in Australia losing weight successfully. When they asked their friends what their strategy was, their friends told them about this new program called Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy. Intrigued, John and Teri decided to research options for getting Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy treatment here in the US.

As I am still one of only a few Hypnotherapists to offer Virtual Lap Band Hypnotherapy, Jeff and Teri quickly found me on the web. Delighted that I was relatively close by, they drove several hours to see me. After only their first session, they began to see results.

They discuss their initial expectations and results, in the hope of helping other people achieve similar success with Virtual Lap Band Hypnotherapy.

Sessions can also be conducted via Skype and the success rate is identical to in-person sessions. I makes distance not a problem and I would recommend it.   

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