Sharing Weight Loss Success with Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

We’ve all seen the headlines about America today: “We’re all overweight and out of shape.”  We read endless articles urging us to eat our fruits and vegetables and to walk a little bit more, maybe run around the track; join a gym; start swimming.

While that’s true, what the headlines and statistics about weight and nutrition don’t tell you, is the underlying causes for obesity in America. There are many. But the patients I see, and whom I can help, are usually the ones who have been trying and trying for decades to lose weight, and have been unsuccessful, because they haven’t been treating the real cause for the extra pounds that they carry around: emotional scars.

So yes, reducing caloric intake by going on a juice diet, or maybe following the latest cabbage diet rage, will probably help, tackling the underlying emotional issues through hypnosis, can have real lasting effects. Even more so than surgery, which is not only expensive, but sometimes life threatening.
What I tell patients is that through hypnotherapy, we can get to the bottom of why they might be using food as a defense mechanism, and slowly break down those defenses, to reveal new selves.

I am one of the first hypnotherapists in the US to receive training by the original developer, Sheila Granger, and was excited to offer this therapy to patients in desperate need of options. What I’ve learned from patients is that while weight gain can be solved quickly by reducing calories, in the long term, treating the underlying emotional causes through hypnotherapy, provide more lasting results.

  • A father tells his friend “This is my chubby boy.”
  • When a girl doesn’t get invited to a party, her mother bakes cookies for her to feel better.

By the time people come to see me, most have tried at least three diets. While their willpower was enough to follow the diet for a while, eventually they all succumbed. Why? Their minds were programmed, like a computer, to see themselves as fat, or rely on food when problems in life arose.

Weight-loss drugs are an option but “may not work for everyone. And when you stop taking these medications, you’re likely to regain much or all of the weight you lost.

And when five people have died in the Los Angeles area in the past year alone from weight-loss surgery (lap-band) at clinics affiliated with the 1-800 GET-THIN campaign, it really highlights the risks associated with invasive surgery.

One of my clients, let’s call her Marsha, who has had great success with Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, knew all about these solutions and their risks. She had done dozens of diets and drugs in her years of being obese, and saw every program as a road to eventual failure. But none of these solutions had dealt with the many emotional issues that were actually the causes of her weight gain.

Having developed large breasts early in life, she was made the butt of innumerable jokes. Her first sexual experience in life was rape, and as a result of all this pain, she developed low self-esteem. She began to think only losers would have her, and of course perception became reality. Surprisingly, the weight became security for her- “The fat protected me from both verbal and physical abuse from various men.” I used hypnotherapy to neutralize the emotional response from these memories that was driving her need for food. Her negative self-image was also removed as a result.

Marsha is one of the 90% who succeeded with the program. She’s currently in school to become a nurse’s’ aide, she says she is selective of those she dates.

I look forward to helping others like her achieve life changing healthy transformations. Please feel free to contact me to discuss if Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is for you.

And don’t let physical location be an obstacle. I can do these sessions over Skype.

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