Get rid of Emotional Eating through Hypnosis

I find one of the most important reasons for obesity in America is that the root cause is not being addressed. ‘Emotional Eating‘ is the primary reason for Obesity. It also leads to other serious health conditions including high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, sleeping disorder & depression.
Emotional Eating is generally followed by feelings of guilt and depression. Most of the people who indulge in Emotional Eating are usually unhappy or frustrated. Some of the signs & symptoms of Emotional Eating are eating rapidly, mood swings, depression & rapid weight gain.
If you are eating food without being hungry, there is usually an emotional reason behind it. When beset by negative emotions of any type, people crave food more than the actual requirement. The reasons for emotional eating include anything from getting fired from the job, going through a divorce, a stressful day in the office etc.

In my experience these are some reasons which may lead to emotional eating:

Stress: If you have any problem for which you are stressed out, try to solve that problem instead of getting stressed. This sounds overwhelming perhaps, but is accomplished on a temporary and sometimes permanent level with the use of EFT. You can learn more about this wonderful modality on my website. Due to stress, many people feel hungry, even though they may not be aware of the cause. When stress lasts for a long time, there are chances that the level of cortisol increases. If there is more stress in your life, greater are the chances that you will turn to food for stress relief.
Social Eating: Food is a very important part of any social event like birthdays, promotional events, weddings etc. When you attend any social event, it is normal you will eat food. For example, craving a full plate of starters or eating chips with the friends while watching a game, eating cheesecake while discussing horror stories etc. The examples given above will give you happiness for a while, but you will surely regret it later. You can enjoy the company of others without having to over eat. In fact, eating while doing that is something you used to do, but no more.
Loneliness: Most of us crave food when alone at home. For example, If you are alone, stuck at home for some reason and your friends are having great time on weekends, you may start craving food without knowing.
Boredom: Do you eat food to relieve yourself from boredom? Some people prefer eating food, if they don’t have anything to do. If you are feeling bored, try to do some other work.
Sadness: Instead of overcoming sadness some people prefer eating food. Expressing yourself to someone is a great thing to do if you want to overcome sadness. You can also use EFT to remove specific sadness, or even go into a state of self hypnosis to lighten your mood and give you more clarity in the “now.”
Another alternative taken by many people today is surgery. This is not normally a good alternative. It’s not only hugely expensive but sometimes life threatening. It may help, however, the real issue remains unaddressed. This may result in recurring eating disorders.
As a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practitioner in hypnotherapy, I heard about Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy(VGB), developed by Sheila Granger in the United Kingdom. It promised a high success rate, with no surgery or drugs. It has been so successful in the United Kingdom, that these techniques have been integrated into the National Health Service, not only because of the success rate, but because it is so much cheaper and safer than surgery. The virtual gastric band has a 85 – 90 % success rate and is offered at Engle Hypnotherapy. I have successful directed this process with hundreds of successful clients. Please take a look at my website for testimonials from people that have used this process. You will be greatly encouraged.
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