6 Things You Should Know About Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a popular alternative for those considering gastric band surgery. It’s popular because it’s completely safe and much more affordable than other options. With a success rate of over 90%, it’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to the Virtual Gastric Band instead of the surgical gastric band. One of the best parts is that it can be done from the comfort of one’s own home.

This alternative choice to surgery provides for a lifestyle change that happens without conscious effort using the power of the unconscious mind. You feel happier, lighter, more energetic, and more self-confident in a manner that is oftentimes very surprising. A “no effort” weight management program sounds too good to be true. The thing is, it’s not really about weight management. It’s about dealing with the reasons why we eat too much in the first place. Losing weight is just a result of better eating choices. You’ll find yourself eating healthier foods like tumeric that will add to your overall feelings of health and wellness.

Hypnotherapy is kind of like changing a light bulb. It takes very little effort but it can illuminate your life like you never thought possible.

How Emma Changed Her Life By Losing 50 Pounds With The Hypnotic Gastric Band

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Are You Ready For a Change?

Here are some answers to some common questions to help you understand more about this revolutionary option in weight loss:

There is No Surgery

The Gastric Band Hypnosis procedure is not surgical, but a safe alternative to surgery. Using innovative cutting-edge hypnotic technology a hypnotic gastric band can be ‘fitted’, giving you the same feelings that would be experienced with surgery, but without the discomfort, time, inconvenience, and cost. You will still be able to release weight steadily and safely. The effect is that you will immediately begin to eat much smaller portions and make healthier choices. Engle Hypnotherapy helps you realize the problem is not with food, but with your relationship with food.

Will It Work for Me?

It will work for you if you truly want it to and have a reasonable imagination… Close your eyes and imagine a red door in front of you with a white ivory door handle. Can you see it? If not, can you imagine that it’s there? You need only allow yourself to deeply relax in order for hypnotherapy to work for you. As the program continues, you will feel a freeing in your mind and a lightening of the load from emotional burdens.

In the trance state, you achieve very deep relaxation over a long period of time. The process will be a delight rather than a burden. Your virtual gastric band results will affect your mind and your body. Each hypnosis session is tailored to the specific and stated goals reached by the client and myself during the initial evaluation. The primary reason this will work for you is that it is the only program that can eliminate your cravings while at the same time working with the emotional eating that caused the weight gain in the first place. Solving the problem at the source is the only way to get truly lasting results.

Are You Ready For a Change?

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Is Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Tailored to the Individual?

In order for the program to be successful, it must be tailored to your individual needs. Cookie-cutter sessions do not exist at Engle Hypnotherapy. Virtual gastric band hypnosis offers emotional healing as well as your weight goal reached and easily maintained.

In addition to removing food cravings, we also eliminate negative emotional memories; we do not eliminate the memory of course, but we release any negative emotions you related to the memory. The release is tailored specifically to the client’s unique situation and outlook. The emotional component of weight gain is a big issue and care must be taken to ensure that when the weight is released, it is greeted by a new person, living a new life-style, with a healthy emotional life.

Clinical Studies Show a 95% Success Rate for Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis

Clinical studies of the virtual gastric band in the U.K. indicate a success rate of 95%. This is consistent with my experience as I’ve helped many people with the Virtual Lap Band and only one time did it fail. The reason it failed was that the person receiving the hypnotherapy was extremely closed to it and would not relax enough for my words to have any effect. Though it usually starts to work after only one session, I always offer to keep going until the results are satisfactory. This particular client not only resisted the urge to relax, but he stopped coming after only one session.

Hypnotherapy is not for everyone. It’s only for those that are truly ready to change the way they feel about food. Those that don’t want it to work will see very little results.

That’s not to say that being skeptical will hurt the process because it won’t. Skepticism is healthy and those that come into it skeptical are always the ones that are most surprised when they realized they’ve been hypnotized and their emotions have been healed.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost varies according to the client needs and evaluation, but the basic program offers five one-on-one sessions (either in-person or online), and personalized audio recordings that are used to reinforce techniques and sustain the weight release after the sessions are over.

Energy Therapy techniques will be taught to each client and used over the course of the program to provide a tool for assisting with anxieties, stress, anger, and a whole list of negative emotions. The client will become a proficient user of this method and has access to several free videos to support the process for later use.

Can Hypnosis Be Done Online?

Yes, actually the virtual gastric band program is very effective via Skype or other video call platforms. I’ll even give you a free demonstration of the trance state before we begin the process so that you can see for yourself how it works before you commit to anything. Hypnotic gastric band process is very comprehensive. You don’t even have to leave the house for these sessions. No traffic. All you need is a very comfortable chair or couch and we’re on our way. I have been conducting very successful live video sessions for over eight years.
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