Finding And Freeing Yourself – A Journey To Self-Realization

Have you ever stopped to consider how much of your true identity has been trampled on by the teachings of others? Have you been the victim of a school system that failed to foster your inherent creativity? Have you suffered the ramifications of religious programming that has discouraged you from feeling the way you want to feel or thinking the way you want to think? Did you grow up in a dysfunctional home where your primary thought had to be of survival?
I ask you these questions in an attempt to encourage you to examine your thoughts and actions and to help you to find the real you-the you that may have been overshadowed by the doctrines of others. This questioning process is utilized to place you inside your own internal channel, the channel that will lead you your own truth.
Even in the best of circumstances, most of us have been conditioned to think a certain way, to behave in a certain way, and to believe in certain things, regardless of what might have been our own natural inclination, and without concern over whether or not the thoughts and deeds have merit. Some examples:
A child is given a coloring book and told to fill in an area in a certain color and not to go outside of the lines.
An adolescent tries to be quiet and inconspicuous while its parent goes off in an alcoholic rage.
A man has been trained that it is unmanly to cry so he develops ulcers in his stomach walls instead of shedding tears.
A child is told to ‘be careful’ so many times in its life that it develops inappropriate fears.
A woman who has been told she is worthless falls into a depression-and stays there.

A Question Worthy of Consideration:

Is your past conditioning limiting your ability to fully realize your potential? When you think of something that you have a desire to do, do you find yourself second-guessing yourself with one or more of the following thought processes?
  • This is not with what my parents taught me.
  • This is not consistent with what I learned in school.
  • I can’t do this because of what others might think.
  • I am afraid to try something new because I’ve been told I might fail.
  • I won’t try this because I’ve been told it will be too hard to accomplish.
  • This is not what my friends would do.
  • How will I be viewed if I do this?
  • Society views this as a strange and/or abnormal?
  • I can’t do this because I won’t be following in my father’s/mother’s footsteps.
  • I can’t pursue this because I have been trained to stay with that which is already safe and secure.
If many of the aforementioned thought processes seem familiar to you, it may be helpful for you to run the following reality check on yourself anytime you inadvertently slip into a second- guessing mode. Questions you may ask yourself during a reality check include: Is this the truth?
  • Is this my truth
  • Will this lead me to my own highest good?
  • What is my highest good?
  • Who will I be serving by staying in a profession that is not fulfilling?
Why am I making these suggestions? These suggestions are offered because I want to help you to realize your highest potential and to find your real and untarnished self. We all come into the world with special gifts, strengths, and talents, yet I have seen many more cases of unrealized potential than I have of people obtaining their fulfillment. I believe that those of us who fail to achieve our highest good have failed because they have been talked out of doing what is in their best interest.
If you have been talked out of an idea that feels right in your gut, I want to remind you that you can be totally successful being who you want to be and that it doesn’t matter if your neighbors or the guy who cuts your hair thinks your choices are weird. What matters is that you begin to move in the direction of your fulfillment and realize that as you accept your true calling (whatever it is) your heart and mind will generate all the energy you need to empower you to succeed. It is only when we act against our own nature and highest good that we lose energy.
To empower yourself to fulfill of your highest good you may want to consider reading through the following affirmations or perhaps even tape recording them in your own voice and playing the tape daily for a period of time. By rereading or feeding yourself positive recorded messages over a course of time, you will dramatically affect positive change in your mindset. I offer these affirmations as suggestions only. Feel free to add your own empowering words and to delete any of mine.

Affirmations for Self-Realization & Fulfillment

I become happier and healthier with each step I take toward my fulfillment. I become more positive and excited as I unlock my creativity and operate inside my own natural flow. I think clearly and act in my own best interest and in the best interest of mankind. I always know when to act and when to wait. I communicate with those around me perfectly and lovingly. I notice the beauty in nature and it heals me. I turn every situation into a situation that is productive. I am now on a fruitful, prosperous course. Each day I gain positive momentum towards achieving my goals. Each day my levels of health, happiness, peace, fulfillment, and success increase. All my capacities are comfortably expanding. I am turning on my own power.
I am letting go of limiting beliefs. I disregard the negative influences of others. I actively draw my talents and strengths from my subconscious. I am letting go of religious programming which is inappropriate to my highest good. I am letting go of inappropriate conditioned responses in favor of healthy and productive behavior. I am releasing myself from vows taken in the past which are inappropriate to who I am today. I eat healthfully, exercise regularly, and drink water often. I am my own best friend, my own guardian angel. I am a cheerleader for myself. I take time to notice all the wonderful, positive things I am doing with my life. The warm glow in my heart shines brighter each day. My mind is clear. My heart is full. My body heals. My soul is free and I am happy. Each day I fall more in love with the world around me as I fall more in love with myself. I live my truth knowing that my truth will set me free.
When you love and accept yourself wonderful things occur. You begin to believe in your abilities and as you believe in your own abilities you become successful. With each small success you gain confidence to move into bigger and brighter realities. A wonderful upward spiral occurs inside you when you love and accept yourself. It almost feels like you are being lifted into the heavens by the wings of angels (and perhaps you are). When you love yourself, suddenly you find that heaven is right here on earth; you begin to find it in the light that sparkles upon the water, in the fragrance of flowers, and in the eyes of laughing children. When you love yourself fully all that is bright and beautiful will appear in your world because you will create it.

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