Developing Profound Creativity And Personal Power

Lying dormant inside each of us is a creative genius waiting patiently to escape, to surface, to manifest itself and to realize its potential. I believe that each and every human being has equal access to greatness-that we all have unlimited potential. You might then ask why some people become superstars, artists, or famous authors and why others do not? It’s a good question to which I believe I have the answer.
Most of us are born blocked, feed ourselves negative messages, and receive and accept negative messages from others.
When does this occur?
At any time after the inception of one’s soul, creativity blocks can be inadvertently formed.

What is a creativity block?

There can be countless blocks, because a block can be anything that stops you from manifesting your potential. A block can be physical, emotional, or even spiritual in nature. A block is any obstacle (mental or physical) that stops you from getting to where you want to go or from achieving a goal.
I will now outline what I consider to be the four biggest CREATIVITY BLOCKS and their most common causes.


The Negativity of Others – Occurs when a person continually hears things such as, “You can’t,” “You’re not good enough,” or “It will be too difficult,” to such an extent that he begins to accept the negative statements as his truth.


Your Own Negativity – Occurs when you say to yourself, “You aren’t creative,” “You aren’t good enough,” or “Everything will be too difficult,” so often that it becomes your truth.


Fear of Failure (or Success). Some of us actually know that we have talent and skills, but fear failure or success so much that we block the realization of our own potential. Perhaps we fear that our success will cause our peers to feel depressed or inferior. Maybe we fear that our loved ones will be left behind if we succeed. The thought of change might be just too frightening. Our fears often paralyze us.


A feeling of unworthiness (real or imagined) which stops us from becoming successful or from creating things of goodness-even though we know we are capable of doing so. Let’s examine the behavior of highly creative people:
Highly creative people are so determined to create that they develop an intense focus which inadvertently turns into self-hypnosis. In other words, they trance-out on what they are doing. As they trance-out, the picture they paint in their minds becomes more vivid, or the story they are writing becomes more ideal until they can’t help but taste, feel, see, and smell the reality of what they are developing. Creativity then becomes the natural by-product of this mental imaging.
More simply put, highly creative people seduce themselves into becoming more and more creative. They draw realities for themselves mentally that are so appealing that they cannot resist stepping into them physically. A drive to produce is the happy end result.
During the process of focusing and visualizing, talents lying dormant in their subconscious minds automatically reveal themselves in the form of creativity, ideas, and notions. The release of the previously blocked talents allows for their total success.

How to Identify Your Own Creative Potential

Relax yourself by closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths.
Relax yourself by closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths.
As you breath and relax, ask your subconscious to reveal to you any talents that have been lying dormant inside your soul.
While you are relaxed you may play confidence-building and goal-setting affirmations that you have written to suit your needs and tape recorded in your own voice. Note: If you do not have a tape recorder you may simply read the affirmations over once or twice before putting yourself in a relaxed state-your mind will accept the helpful thoughts as you become focused and relaxed.
By repeating this process several times or more you will acquire a strong desire to succeed and a positive mindset. It is suggested that this process be repeated until your former negative programming, insecurities, and doubts are replaced by feelings of confidence.
Although the above processes will dramatically increase your motivation to create, the key element to becoming proficient at whatever you are doing still remains practice. Therefore, if you are trying to develop your creativity you must also physically practice being creative. (Instead of thinking about painting a picture-paint one. Instead of considering writing a poem-get out your pen and write one!)

Effective Affirmations for Manifesting Creativity

Creativity flows freely through me.

All my talent surfaces as needed.

The more I create, the more I want to create.

There is much for me to do and I am going to keep on doing it.

I will focus on and practice all the things I wish to do well.

Each day I become more creative.

I can focus on the strengths and talents of others and replicate their helpful traits inside myself.

I can mentally draw into myself the essence of creativity from the universal energy field.

I have unlimited talent and potential.

I can do or create anything.

My subconscious generates creativity while I sleep.

My conscious utilizes all my creative abilities while I am awake.

Each time I see the blueness of the sky, I become more creative.

With each breath, I become more creative.

I have all the energy I need to fully utilize my talents.


These are important questions, because no matter how creative you are and no matter how much creating you do, you still need power to manifest and capitalize on your creativity.
What am I talking about?
I’m talking about the woman who has written a book, but is too unsure of herself to market it.
I’m talking about the artist who has a attic full of paintings but lack the energy to take them into galleries.
I’m talking about anyone who has a produced things of worth but has failed to sell them, share them, or to bring his creations into a position of practical value or use.
I’m also talking about the kind of person that has vast creative ability but is so uncentered and off balance that he fails to discipline himself to physically manifest his creative notions.
If you find yourself fitting into any of the aforementioned four categories you are not alone. Personally speaking, at one point or another in my life I have fitted into all four of the categories and the truth is, that without keeping a close watch on myself I could readily fall back into any of these categories once again.

How so?

Well, let’s individually examine the components listed above:
Number 1 deals with that little voice of insecurity most of us have which speaks inside of us at all the wrong times-frequently preventing us from doing what we intellectually know ourselves to be capable of doing. I have learned that this voice can be turned down (or shut-off) mentally so that it stops preventing me from proceeding down the right path. Conversely, I have learned to create a voice of encouragement inside myself, that consistently cheers me on and says things like, “way to go,” “good work,” “excellent job,” “you are a winner,” “everyone likes you.” To serve this purpose, I encourage you to become their own best friend, your own guardian angel, a cheerleader for yourself. This thought process does much to overturn any negative programming that you may have been subjected to and to instantly turn your mindset in a powerful and positive direction. This process works for things as simple as writing a paragraph or drawing a flower, to something as complicated as building a company from the ground up.

Why does it work?

Because the power of positive thinking is vastly productive. (Just as the power of negative thinking is vastly destructive.) As one feeds on positive thought he becomes a vessel of power.
Number 2 deals with energy. Many people do not complete creative projects (or fail to market them) because they are lacking in the energy to do so. Without energy there is no power.

How is energy created?

It is created mentally, physically, and spiritually. Positive thought creates mental energy. Eating healthy food, drinking water, and exercising regularly create physical energy. Meditation and prayer manifests spiritual energy. It sounds simple because it is simple. If you eat healthy food you will have more physical energy than if you don’t. If you exercise regularly, you will help your body to move energy through itself and to rid itself of negative stress energies. If you meditate or pray you will draw through yourself universal and spiritual energy that will manifest inside your physical being as energy, power, and wellness.
One should also be aware that the following factors deplete your energy:
drug, alcohol, or cigarette use; consumption of toxic, low quality, or high fat foods; negative thoughts and actions; poor self-esteem; behavior contrary to your health and the fulfillment of highest your purpose. To manifest profound power and creativity one must consistently eat healthy food, think positive thoughts, and avoid behavior and activities which act against one’s physiology and the fulfillment of one’s highest purpose. Self-hypnosis, creative visualization, and guided meditation can be utilized to profoundly affect power and creativity in countless ways; a few follow: to instill a positive mindset; to unlock creativity; to remove creative blocks; to foster healthy eating habits; to encourage exercise, meditation, and prayer; to visualize success; to increase charisma, magnetism, and personal power; to draw in the essence of creativity and positive energy from universal sources. Always remember, you are what you eat, you are what you think, and you are what you do. By consistently feeding yourself healthy foods and positive thoughts and by taking on the actions of a creative and powerful person-you will become one. I know you can do it!

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