Conquer The Habit, Change Your Life

“Believe in the strength of your own mind.
It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”
You’ve struggled long enough, it’s time to break the habit,
conquer the fear or heal the hurt. Your mind is a powerful tool.

Hypnosis for Positive Change

The American Medical Association has repeatedly recognized hypnosis therapy as a beneficial treatment for over 60 years. Hypnotherapy is widely accepted and understood as a proven science in the healthcare profession.

Our approach gives you the positive change necessary to overcome struggles with:

  • Weight loss
  • Phobias
  • Smoking
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Self-esteem issues
Simply put, hypnotherapy uses the power of your mind and allows you to move past what has been holding you back.
Infographic showing the effectiveness of hypnotherapy compared to behavioral therapy and psychotherapy.

Lose Weight With Virtual Lap Band Hypnotherapy

Natalie has graciously agreed to tell her story so that hopefully others will benefit from her experience. Please take the time to watch this Video Testimonial of Natalie discussing the amazing results she has had as a result of Virtual Lap Band Hypnotherapy, a safe alternative solution to Gastric Band Surgery.

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Benefits of Virtual Lap Band Hypnotherapy

A weight-loss strategy that focuses on fixing the underlying problems and not just the obvious symptoms.

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Cost Effective

The Virtual Lab Band is more  affordable than the traditional gastric band procedure.

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No Invasive Procedure

You can accomplish great results safely and see and feel the effects immediately.

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You’ll Feel Great

There’s zero recovery time. The Virtual Lap Band leaves you feeling energized and excited about life.

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No Time Off Work

You can do your hypnotherapy sessions from the comfort of your own home.

How You Can Receive Hypnotherapy

Looking over the shoulder of Bill Engle while he carries out a hypnotherapy session with a man who wants to stop smoking.

In-person Therapy

In-person sessions are held at my office in Post Falls, Idaho.
Looking over the shoulder of a woman who is on a video call with a man.

Live Video Therapy

Hypnotherapy sessions in the comfort of your own home or office.
A woman on the phone during a hypnosis therapy session.

Phone Therapy

Hypnotherapy for those on the go.

Are You Ready For a Chance?

We always start with a free consultation call. Get started today.

Bill Engle sitting in his office talking on the phone.

I'm Bill Engle

With an extensive and varied background as a former Orange County, CA,  police officer and 40-year member of the Screen Actors Guild, I’m able to quickly identify solution-focused approaches to help restore my clients to a sense of well-being and self-acceptance.

I use hypnosis and the power of the human mind to help clients overcome fears, change bad habits, assist with behavior modification, weight loss, smoking cessation, drug and alcohol abuse, and much more. I also include a special technique called Energy Therapy (EFT) with my approach to give clients virtual and immediate freedom from phobias, addictions, anxieties and performance constraints.

Should you have any questions regarding Hypnotherapy and how I can assist you with personal or business issues, please send a message or give me a call. I will answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Learn More About Hypnotherapy

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What is Hypnotherapy?

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Hypnosis For Anxiety Disorders

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Free Consultation

Should you have any questions regarding Hypnotherapy and how Bill can assist you with personal or business issues, please don’t hesitate to call him at 208-262-8128.

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